What is The Evenarian about?

The Evenarian is a novel-in-progress that is best described as “Game of Thrones” meets “12 Monkeys”.  Kill The Prophecy, Save History.

What is The Evenarian about?

In a world of Kingdoms and Empires, of Knights and Magicians, there was a prophecy. It was told that a man would bring about a golden age: a messianic figure to be known in history as the Evenarian. But he must be stopped! A mystic wanderer valiantly tries to prevent the dystopia that awaits in this “golden age” in which magic is removed from the world. Our hero embarks on an epic journey to kill the prophecy and save history. His faithful student, a Seeker Of Truth from the Thornmage Cloister, testifies this brave tale with his dying breaths in order to tell you the greatest story that that history has never known… that destiny may not want you to know.

It’s written by me: Julia P. Dickinson; a long-time writer and journalist with a passion for fantasy and sci-fi It’s my way of giving back to the sci-fi and fantasy community that gave me so much inspiration and enjoyment over the years. The Evenarian is a perfect blend of epic tales with magical battles like Game of Thrones, and of twisted stories that make you question the true intent of history/destiny such as 12 Monkeys.

Join me on this adventure.

I’m a professional. Thousands of newspaper readers have relied on my writing for their daily lives. You can rely on me to see this project through to completion, and can trust me to use your contributions wisely. It will be something that you will feel proud to be a part of, I guarantee it.

“The Evenarian” is my baby but I’ve learned that everything I’ve saved over the past 6  years as a journalist isn’t  enough to get it all the way there. With your contributions together we  can make it happen. So join the army of people ready to “kill the prophecy and save history”.

Your contributions go directly towards hiring an excellent editor, and investing in advertisement and marketing. I’m 100% invested in this book because all of my savings are paying my rent while I write. However, all the money I have is not enough because good editing and getting noticed by a top-notch agent costs even more money. This book deserves better than a low-cost spell-checking editor. We’re looking at $3,000 for an editor who’s part of “Team Evenarian” and helps to improve the storyline and structure of the book in addition to making the grammar clearly convey every gripping aspect of the story. Equally important are graphics, conferences/trade-shows, and online marketing which together will cost an estimated $2,000. Every dime raised here on Kickstarter will go exclusively to refine the  book through a high-quality editor, and will help countless others to  discover the amazing story that you have already discovered here first.

Without your contributions it may not be possible to publish this book in high quality. If we don’t meet our goal then this book won’t be the story that the sci-fi/fantasy community deserves… and you deserve the best. It’s that last mile that is the difference between success and failure, between the book everyone will be talking about and the book that just barely made it to publishers but never hit the shelves… or even that got written but never published. Please help me make a strong finish on that last mile.

Where to get more?

Follow me on twitter at @the_evenarian and join the dialog as I write the book. Enlist in the army of people trying to kill the prophecy and save history through this kickstarter. I’ll post the first few chapters for you to read on the official Evenarian blog at www.evenarian.com


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