Creating a Strong Story

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I love The Writer magazine.  My regular readers know that I call out articles in it occasionally for special attention.  Each month, I feel like I receive a visit from a private writing teacher when my issue arrives in my mailbox.  I read it from cover to cover, even craft articles about genres I’m not writing in, e.g. poetry.  It all goes into my brain for my mind and imagination to mix up, blend, and bake into whatever sweet fits the ideas that are always floating around in there.

The September 2013 issue includes an article by Jeff Lyons, “A big-city cop moves to a small coastal town….”  The title refers to the main character in Jaws by Peter Benchley, the story Lyons uses as his example to illustrate the five steps to developing a strong, structured premise.  I do a similar process to test the viability of a story…

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