The Evenarian: Kill The Prohecy. Save History.

The Evenarian is an original fantasy novel written by me, Julia Dickinson. I worked in journalism for six years, but every day after work, I would do creative writing, receiving positive reviews julia8when I posted my work online. In July 2012, I made the leap to being a full-time author and began writing The Evenarian, with the goal of getting it published

Now, The Evenarian’s manuscript is finished and, thanks to my previous Kickstarter, professionally copy-edited. But now I need YOUR help to land a great literary agent!

Just as promised, I used the money raised from The Evenarian’s previous Kickstarter to hire a professional copy editor. The copy editor made lots of good changes, gave me tons of helpful feedback and declared my writing style and overall story to be very engaging (yay!).

Now comes the next hurdle: finding an agent to represent the book. This is harder than it sounds. Since most publishers no longer accept manuscripts directly from authors, today’s ambitious author must go through a literary agent. But that means the dreaded “slush pile” has simply moved from the publisher’s mailroom to the agent’s inbox.

How can an author cut through the clutter and make their book stand out? Simple: by working with a literary consultant to make their agent submission package as professional, polished and attractive as possible. The aim of this Kickstarter is to raise funds to hire such a consultant and take The Evenarian to the next level!

What is The Evenarian’s story about?

Turo, a young mage in training, lives in a land called the Kingsrealm, where magic and prophecy control everything from from the building of majestic cities to the simple task of drawing water from a well. Turo is happily pursuing his magic studies until he finds a strange travelers wandering just outside his cloister walls. The wayfarer is named Josh, and he claims he’s trying to stop a dangerous man foretold in prophecy, known only as the Evenarian. According to Josh, the Evenarian will cause the downfall of magic and the ruin of the world as Turo knows it.

A series of tragic events convinces Turo to leave his cloistered life and join Josh’s quest to uncover the Evenarian’s identity and stop this dangerous man. The duo soon meets a crafty young woman named Elena. A diplomat from the southern land of Sone, Elena’s loyalties lie with her government and her own powerful family. But as conflicts erupt around them, her fate intertwines with Josh and Turo’s. Now, the unlikely companions are launched onto a journey that crosses a continent divided: in the north, the half-tamed wilderness of Kingsrealm, where ancient tribes are ruled by a crumbling dynasty; and in the lush south, Sone, a guileful empire governed by an intrigue-filled senate.

Hot on the Evenarian’s trail, our heroes begin to see the mystery man’s influence everywhere: Common folk are challenging age-old beliefs, so-called heretics are persecuted in droves, and conflicts of ideas are leading to very real conflagrations. With war on the horizon, Josh, Turo and Elena find themselves in a race against time to find the Evenarian and save history… But the truth about magic may upend all they’ve worked for, and everything Josh and Turo believe.

Read more about The Evenarian (including an excerpt) on my website, like the novel on Facebook, and check out last year’s Kickstarter project.